One thing I’ve started to take more seriously as I’ve gotten older and wiser is maintenance. Car maintenance, home maintenance, health maintenance. When you’re young you feel invincible. But eventually you begin hearing stories of the bad things that happen to people who don’t take good care of their things. 

I’ve been hearing stories of bad things happening to people this year. And many of them center around relationships, especially marriages: facing apathy, trouble, crisis, or all-out destruction. Who do you know who is facing that pain?

It’s heartbreaking. And I know that sometimes the damage is one-sided and couldn’t be predicted or prevented.

But sometimes, the damage is caused by long seasons of neglect. Both people taking each other for granted. Sometimes people simply stopped doing the good and life-giving things together. 

And from my perspective, the most life-giving thing you can do in a relationship, especially a marriage, is experience God together: Long, rich conversations about spiritual things. Sharing memories of God’s faithfulness. Celebrating God’s generosity. Meditating on God’s promises. Praying together. Worshipping Jesus. 

Maybe you’ve never ever done these things with your spouse. I know most people have not seen this modeled well and many people don’t know where to begin. But what if this was the single most important maintenance you could ever do? What if this is the best way to protect your marriage from sliding from apathy to trouble to crisis to destruction?

What would that be worth to you? 

I want to offer a first step. AbideCR. Invest in the tickets, invest in the babysitter, and invest in your marriage by taking time away to experience the goodness of God in a new and powerful way. The Lord is a healer. He is a redeemer. He brings forgiveness and hope and joy. Resting with Him will bind your hearts closer together. 

This isn’t a marriage conference. It’s not a Bible conference. It’s more like a retreat. New Covenant will be transformed into a beautiful environment to enjoy Jesus like never before.

Great music. Great food (Feedwell, The Hip-Stir, Crumbl Cookies). Great preachers. Great people. Places to gather in a large group and spaces to escape and share a few quiet moments. Bring a friend and spread the word. All the info is available at the AbideCR website.

If your marriage, or simply your own precious soul, could use a tune-up, please turn to our good and gentle shepherd. He wants so much for you to feel his care.

Hope to see you there,