Okay couples: What movie spurred the most vibrant relational conversation for you and your partner (and not about special effects or superpowers)?

Jeremy and I have had a few over the years. (Notably: When a Man Loves a Woman. The Story of Us, Crazy Stupid Love, Dan in Real Life).

Then we watched an entire trilogy on Valentine’s Day (hey don’t judge).

  • Before Sunrise.
  • Before Sunset.
  • Before Midnight.

WARNING: These are not family-friendly films, so don’t sit down and watch with your kids.

Each movie is about one day in a couple’s life (each movie is set 9 years apart) and asks the viewers to consider:

What gives life meaning? What is love? How does your view of death shape your view of life? Should we be afraid of love? Does love last? Is it worth fighting for? How do you unfairly project core fears and hurts onto your partner? Do you think it matters how you speak to each other? What does forgiveness look like in your relationship? Are you more committed to your kids or your partner?

And more.

To call these movies “entertaining” is the wrong label. But we found a ton to talk about after each movie. If you are looking for a date night twist, give ’em a try and let me know what you think.

If you’re going to be mad at me for recommending a movie that throws the F-bomb around with regularity, talks frankly about sex, and has some nudity in the third movie, then please move on, nothing to see here….

How about you? Have you watched anything together that caused you and your partner to have deep or meaningful conversation afterward? Leave your recommendation in the comments!